Our company

Our company, founded by a sawmill (Scierie de Walscheid, located a few kilometres away from our site) has two main activities:


We manufacture special pallets and wooden packaging, designed for the transportation of specific products.


We are located at the heart of France’s eastern forest and close to Germany’s Schwartzwald. This ideal location allows us to offer a first class timber trading service.


We can provide many products, from hardwood to softwood, square edged, planed, treated. We offer packaging, construction, decorative timber products, flooring, wooden panels…


We speak fluent English, so please do not hesitate to contact us for pricing or informations:


Your contact:


Stephan Mougenot

Tel: 0033 3 87 03 15 28

Fax: 0033 3 87 03 15 63

Mail: s_mougenot@hotmail.com